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Polish Guest Posts
Polish Guest Posts

Sponsored articles are becoming more and more popular today, being an effective form of advertising on the Internet. They bring much greater benefits than the image ads that flood us today on all sides, and therefore do not favor the promotion of products and services. This is indicated by the fact that almost 50% of Poles use tools that block banners displayed on websites. It is different with sponsored articles that do not bombard the reader. They are subtle and substantive, and therefore much more effective and more and more frequently used method of advertising in the Internet space.

We can offer a list of 1000 websites and blogs that accept sponsored articles from various industries.

If you are interested in the offer, write to: adwave.biuro@gmail.com

Sponsored article – a form of advertising in the press or the Internet. A sponsored article is commissioned by an advertising agency or directly by the advertised company (however, it can be written by a copywriter or a person from the editorial office of a given magazine). It looks like a normal editorial text, but it promotes a given product or business in a more or less subtle way. Charges for articles are often very common to ad prices. It also happens that the profit for writing a sponsored article (in the form of money or another article) goes directly to the author / author of this type of article.

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O nas i o blogu

Jesteśmy firmą zajmującą się marketingiem cyfrowym, koncentrującą się na pomocy naszym klientom w osiągnięciu doskonałych rezultatów w kilku kluczowych obszarach.

Prośba o darmową wycenę

Oferujemy profesjonalne usługi SEO, dzięki którym znacznie poprawiają się wyniki wyszukiwania organicznego stron internetowych, co pozwala im na ubieganie się o najwyższe miejsca w rankingach, nawet jeśli chodzi o bardzo konkurencyjne słowa kluczowe.

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